Deep data,
better insights

Embrain leads with data technology.

We innobate from the fundamental aspect of research, starting with data, to provide greater value, not just staying confined to research.

  • Research

    We provide research services that transcend dimensions, starting from data.

  • Technology

    We connect research and the fundamental data underlying research through technology.

  • Data

    We offer a fresh perspective with our in-depth, proprietary data.

Beyond big, Deep data

Starting Differently

Our data originates from rigorously managed domestic panels,
showcasing differences in data quality and accuracy from the beginning.

Differing in Density

We discern dense, deep data that goes beyond sheer volume,
capturing meaningful and hidden insights within consumer thoughts and behaviors.

Having a Different Perspective

deep data provides a new way of looking at the world,
discovering hidden opportunities that were previously unnoticed, beyond simple outcomes.

Data quality begins with our panel.

We collect qualitatively distinct data in accordance with strict regulations, leveraging a domestic panel of over 1.7 million, rigorously managed.

  • High-accuracy Data
    We reduce errors in data collection and enhance accuracy through a stringent panel management system.
  • 1,752,795
    We maintain the largest domestic consumer panel through meticulous management.
  • Wide and Diverse Panels
    We can analyze in-depth data from various perspectives through diverse and widely distributed panels.
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